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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Tall and elegant brochures

If you want people to notice your brochures, give them something they have never seen before. If that is too impossible to do because of the many existing brochures in unique designs and styles, then give them something that they do not see often. This may be not a new and unique idea but chances are the readers do not encounter them often and it will be refreshing to see them again, for a change.

Making your brochure printing style tall and elegant is one way of presenting them. If the layout is done in the way that the readers do not expect, then pat yourself in the back for having had an attention-getter. Tall and slim brochures fit the hand better for better holding while reading. It can also fit in any mailbox size that houses may have so mailing it to them would not be troublesome. Most of all, it presents very well in the coffee table or in racks.

Brochures this style is not only good in the presentation. It is also very convenient in the process of printing. You can bleed graphics of either side of the paper while still coming out of a standard small printing press. Not only that, this style works well with long run publications as more pages can be gotten out of a press sheet.

There are other many elegant styles yet convenient and cost-effective in making a full color brochures printing. Finding the kind that works well with your brochures will makes readers pay attention to you and bring you profit in the process.


Large format advertising style

People have a way of getting influenced by the pictures they see. Oftentimes, the way of life and the thinking are the ones being changed and manipulated by the advertising and marketing prints that people see.

Take poster printing for example. It cannot be denied that it has brought a new perspective in advertising as new and more ways of using posters have been created and became successful. Poster ads made the way for the expertise in large format printing. In this kind of printing, digital means of creating graphics and prints are also adapted for affordability and bulk printing. People can say goodbye to the barriers in prices that make poster printing an inaccessible form of advertisement for some time.

There was a time when poster printing can take a lot of thinking over due to the cost it would take to have one. Also sometimes, the result is not what customers expected to be. The sad part is that readers dismiss them as something not worth a second glance. With digital printing catering to full color poster printing, the pictures and graphics created are far more superior to those not using digital. Where else can you get reasonably priced poster that stands out in quality, style and durability?


Big ideas from small cards

Aggressive marketing is turning now unto business cards to serve this purpose. These cards are also serving other purposes far from its basic and original purpose so it is not surprising to see business cards taking on a new look and with innovative designs that make them look unlike the usual ones. What are other ways you can do with your business cards?

You can put up a survey into these cards and asking people to return them with their answers. To guarantee that the readers will go through all the trouble of replying, give out discounts and free offers. It is not everyday that people are given freebies just by answering some questions. In the end, give them the prize they deserve together with a new card for future references. Another thing you can do with business cards is to make them as a sort of referral for your organization or club. You can write out the date and location of the next get together and encourage the readers to join you. But give them first a brief overview on what it will be about and the things that they should expect.

Whatever you do with your business cards, always remember that these cards may appear small but they tend to have a big impact if you just take some time to put on some creativity into them.


The need for correcting colors

Color correction is just as it says. To change the colors in order to improve or give more definition on an image or a print. to adjust the color is to create more realistic and dramatic effects. In some printing cases, not all needed correction in colors. These are the prints and images that are fine the way they are. Most or many, though, needs this correction either to enhance the image or for some specific purposes that they want to attain with these prints.

For example, it is possible to correct images to make the most of the use of the CMYK printing process. This is the process that limits the color potential of the RGB images. It is also possible to adjust the color of lighting, underexposure and overexposure. One of the techniques used in color correction is making use of the levels correction. The trick is to redistribute or stretch the colors to make the most of it. The result of this is to make the color and the color tones in the prints more realistic and dynamic. This style in color correction can be cost-effective to those who have a tight budget on their printing jobs.

For full color commercial printing needs, having to change the colors and do the print over again is not an alternative that everyone can have. Color correction is the way to do it.


The perfect complement for your colors

In full color digital printing, the trick to having cheaper printing job done is not changing the type of color to be used. The amount of color needed in a print job becomes more expensive if the print job requires a full color style. The common misconception is that the more and the better type of color being used, the best the result. This is not the case. Since printers thrive on giving service to those that wants to have full color digital printing yet for a lesser cost, the quality and the money should be taken into account.

Many designers are turning to different styles on how they could go about printing colors yet not using the expensive inks and processes to make this possible. Color combinations, tones and shades are created especially to those that are particular in color choices that they made.

Another style in using manipulating colors in color printing is by the use of complementary colors. How does this work? In the process of printing you would not want the not-so-pretty colors to show in the print so you try to hide them as much as possible so it would not appear so obvious in the result. This is where complementary colors come in. With the right shades and hues in some parts of the design, it covers and takes away the attention of those seeing them. Making readers focus on the complements rather than the true colors themselves.

In this procedure, the eyes and mind are fooled as to what they are seeing. In some cases also, the colors which seem insignificant before a complement can even change its color appearance once the complement has been added. The picking of the proper color complement is essential here. Choose what will work best as a complement.


Having an alternative in color printing

Put yourself in this situation; you have a client who insists on using the colors which you think is quite ugly and will not be tolerated in designs, much more your design. Trying to suggest an alternative, in subtle ways of course, does not work either. The customer being the customer that they are insists that you use that color or no deal at all. Instead of ranting about it and ranting about the fact that customers are always right, why not make it work your customer and for you. How do you go about this?

Create a design in two versions. The first one done with the color that the customer wants and the other will be your pick. Being the creative designer that you are, the colors you can create with even the worst combinations will turn out beautifully. These techniques like those used by printing companies will certify a much better and imaginative outcome. In the end, the trick is to show your two versions to the client. If they still want to stick to their choice and set aside the better style, it will be their loss, after all. Both ways, it is still your work no matter how it looks and what the customer chooses from.

Printing companies think that there are more ways to go about with the use of colors than just the style that customers want. With many color combination available, a single color can be made into many other variety of tones and shades.

Monday, August 08, 2005


The psychology in colors

Colors into graphic designs is a powerful tool in getting an emotional response from the readers and viewers. If used perfectly, these colors have the capacity to influence the people into how they perceive your products, services, even the company itself. It is therefore not s surprise that time and careful consideration is dedicated in choosing the correct color. Full color printing company shares in this ideal.

Notice that many corporate businesses use dark blue in their logos and other designs? As it is, blue is the perfect color for a company or business. It symbolizes dependability and trust. The aspects that they want people to have in them. In a food industry though, this color does not work because of the fact that not many foods are colored blue. Even seems weird if you think about it.
Try fast food and restaurants. They use mainly warmer and lighter colors like orange and yellow. Why? For the obvious reason that these colors show warmth and homeliness. Not only that, they are most often associate with foods. It is a proven fact that these colors elicit a hunger response from people seeing them. Works, doesn’t it?

The psychology of color is an important aspect that printing companies delves deeper into. Just like the texts, they are something that people can relate to.


Art into graphic designs

A print does not seem complete without drawings. Ever notice how plain-looking texts without drawings can be? People seeing them initially judge them as boring and uninteresting not even reading them first. Try having drawings into them, their interest is piques quite instantly and they get to go over them.

The main thing about drawing is they help people see. Although they are an art into themselves, it is really about making the subject an object to look at. Color printing companies know that drawing is about looking at a space in the positive light. Making them real and easier to fathom. Just like white space, it gives a bit of a comfort and a relief to look at these drawings put incorporated in prints.
Even if you see black and white drawings, you still associate it with colors. In this case, with shades and tones that is present in them. Early on, people are taught about the colors in nature, and then put into drawings. As you get older, you put meanings into these colors. This process is then something you used into your prints by way of drawings and designs.


Working with contrast

Fonts you use do not guarantee interest in your prints. It is true that adding colors make them livelier and pleasing to the eye. Are your texts and colors pleasing enough to make people take a second look and even want to read more?

Try putting contrast into your prints. There is nothing like using the differences of colors to make and highlight a point. With many commercial printing offering colors into any printed material you have, the colors being used may not anymore be different from what the others are using too. To make your prints stand out, it should have something innate and unique in them. Appealing and not anything everyone has seen already.

The use of contrast can achieve a variety in your print. Depending on the way it is executed, the effect would make an interesting object to look at and catch people’s attention with. The darker the shade, the greater the highlight on a text or a picture is the way to do it. This is like using color to categorize what your message. From the most important to the least important.

Full color printing company is aware that colors taken into another level can produce more variety into your prints. All you have to do is pick your choice and do wonders with it.


Checking out for flaws

Full color printing company knows that printing materials would not work if not for the readers. They are the main reason why these prints are created, after all. Make them happy and boost your company. Give them something worth reading. Too much clutters, unclear message and lack of contact information are not something they would want to read.

Avoid clutters. There is the important concept of a white space. A space for them to pause and breathe awhile. Overloading them with information definitely suffocates them. Do not put all them into a single page. Consider another page.

Unclear message. Make sure what you want them to know gets through them in your writing. This is your main objective in the first place. Do not drift away from it.

Lack of contact information. You need feedback and reply, don’t you? Give the details on how, where and when they can reach you. You never know what you will be missing.

There are many other mistakes that company’s make in their printing jobs. Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing suggests you find them first before your readers do.


Colors and color palette

When you use your colors, you play with them to get the desired effect you want. By playing it right, you need to know about their specifications first. What are these? These are the Pantone Matching System, CMYK and the RGB. You should know about these color systems in order to have the proper color that you want your designer to do for your printing material.

Getting a designer to work on color strategies comes first before giving it to a full color printing company. All your color information should be submitted to these designers. Taking note of your primary and secondary colors choices would make it easier for them to determine the styles they can used and will lessen errors in interchanging colors. You do not want your logo nothing like the way you picture it, do you?

Undecided about the many colors you can use in your designs, you went for full colored. This can be done effectively by the right designer and to be perfected by your printing company. Just make sure your colors do not overwhelm the concept behind it. It is always best to keep your color palette in tuned with your colors.


Your business colors

The root of a good graphic design is to make your company look strong and secure to the eyes of old and new customers alike. One of the facets that directly affect the design is color. Commercial Printing believes that the color you use plays a big part on the message you wish to deliver through printing and marketing materials. For example, if you want to convey a forceful message, you use the color red. It also pertains to anger and temper. As you may have noticed, red is one of the strongest colors.

You may be wondering what color has to do with your business. It can be noted that every company has its own corporate colors representing them. They can be first encountered in the company’s logos. Depending on the company’s choice, the numbers of colors may vary. Oftentimes, more than two colors are used to better make the logo attractive. Experts like commercial printing selects the color process that will best work with your logo.

Having the right choice of the colors that will work for you is essential as well as needed, because it is always best to use and show your true colors.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Deceiving techniques in color printing

Does the color of the paper, or the stock color, count as one color in color printing? Some people may think that when the printer talks about a color job in a colored paper, the paper color becomes part of the color that will be used.

When Full Color Printing talks about a two color printing job, it basically means the number of colored inks that will be used in the press. Even if your paper is multicolored and you use only the color blue, it would still be a one color printing job. Although the turnout would look like as if many colors are used into it, it still does not count as multi-colored printing.

A common strategy that Full Color Printing Company and designers use to make stock colors appear to be different as they may seem is they use a very light tint of the ink color in the background of the page. Only people looking closely into this paper can tell how it was actually done.

This is just one technique that designers use in color printing. There are more styles being used in getting the proper color into paper. The strategy done is only seen by the trained eyes. But for the untrained ones, it would not appear obvious.


Getting color printing the inexpensive way

What is the first thing you notice in color printing? The colors, obviously! Some people do not only see what the obvious, they go deeper into the components that made the colors what they are. And like the printers, they also think of how many colors are put into these prints and what is the process used in attaining them. Full Color Printing Company states that knowing the colors you want in your prints would surely make up how it will be executed.

Process and spot color printing can be combined to create the type of color printing you want. This two process is a replacement for the expensive kind which is the use of more inks to achieve the color into printing. Not having enough budget to go about with the color printing is the basic consideration that printers take into perspective. Not all can afford the expenses that color printing dictates. With the right techniques, though, expenses can be reduced and eventually will fit into the budget prescribed.

The one advice that Full Color Printing: Commercial Printing can give is to talk to a printer before a job is designed. They can help in giving you feedbacks on colors that you can afford in your prints to make you accomplish your goal. Solid printing with the right printer will put the colors where it should be in your prints.


Why choose white paper?

Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Priting is aware that wanting to have the perfect color put into your prints will not only depend on the software, tools and process that use and go through. It also depends on the paper you use. Going into stores, you will notice that there are many varieties of shades of white papers. There are white papers with soft cream colors to soft gray, soft pink, etc. They may appear to be white, but if compared with a white paper, there is a huge difference.

The main thing to remember in choosing the perfect paper for your print job is what should be printed on it. Most of the time, professional color printing jobs are put into white papers. It not only brings formality but also flexibility into your prints. There are also many colored papers to choose from for your print jobs. In printing color jobs, however, white papers are definitely the thing.Full Color Printing Company knows that when something is printed on colored papers will probably adapt the color it is printed on. So there will appear a conflict and mixing of colors, making your print job different from what you have seen from your screen.

Using colored stock paper should be planned from the beginning as you have to be able to determine the right amounts of colors needed to produce the ones you wanted.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Get your name out there

Strategists have turned to prints to market their products and services. You can see them flaunting their wares on every types of prints, may it be on large posters or smaller ones like postcards. These styles of marketing best serve for people to remember what the message is.

Some efforts though are unrewarded because they are not given the opportunity to work in printing. Using designs and even commercial full color printing does not mean you will get people to be interested.

What people forget is to put in their names on them for people to remember when the need arises. Getting your name out there in the open is making sure that these people know who to contact when they need to. This is the one thing that marketing forgets that’s why the result is not always satisfactory. Doing your commercial full color printing means showing what your business is about. But the most important thing is showing them the name and even contact numbers that will be useful to them now or in the future.

If stressing does not work early on, keep persisting. One way or another, you will get your desired results.


Mini brochures

Brochures are the first thing that people want to get hold of before wanting to get hold or get information about something. It is also the first thing that gets the interest of people even if they actually want to or not. These brochures present concepts, ideas, products and information all rolled into a certain printing style.
Full color business cards can be extended to its maximum use by making it your mini brochure. With more money spent on business cards, some additional printing of facts and data is not going to cost a lot if you think of the result it can guarantee. Not only that, by getting more valuable information into your business cards, the more the readers would be likely to keep it as something that can help them or will serve as a future reference. There is more possibility that the readers will be getting back at these cards whenever the need arise.

Making your full color business cards into mini brochures can make up for the expenses you get to pay for designs and other style that you incorporated into these cards. If you can pay for them, why not make the most of what you are paying for?


Say goodbye to films

Full color digital printing is what you call photographs that have not gone through the long time process of getting them into films then having them developed and printed. And these are the kind of photos that people do not have to lose patience on in waiting and spend more money on than they can afford to.

Digital printing prints directly from the camera, taking away the necessity of films and other processes involved. More and more printing companies are now using digital printers for photographs. This makes these prints less time consuming and affordable also.

Full color digital printing is not only exclusive for printing companies. People can have this convenience in the comfort of their own home. Having their own equipment and tools in the comfort of their own home will guarantee photos that looks like as if a professional has done it.

Picture perfect is not anymore something that needs professional skills and trainings now that digital printing is available and affordable. All it needs are the proper tools and a little knowledge combined with an artistic nature.


Why not take advantage of colors?

Why does not everyone take advantage of many different colors and get their documents printed using these beautiful colors?

First, it is expensive. This is the common concept that people get even just thinking about color printing. This belief can be traced back to the time when there were just ordinary printers to cater to printing needs. With the widespread of digital and color printers, printing cost has been made affordable even for those who is just starting their business.

Second, limited number of file types. With modern software perfected, people can have the proper resource and material that they need in going about having color printing even in full color brochures printing. This can even be done in the comfort of their own home.

Third, the hassles they go through. Time consuming, waiting for hours and incapability of machineries, to name some of the many hassles that people have to go through to get the colors into their prints. This is true in those times when not every printing company have the proper machine to do the job. In today’s time, however, people only have to choose the right printer and their work is done, not a minute too late and perfection in every color.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Color matters

It would be so sad to see your prints not like the draft you have on your screen. This problem usually happens. Sometimes, this becomes very stressful and frustrating. After having spent hours editing objects or designs, it looks like crap. That’s really disappointing and worse if you don’t know the perfect remedy for that.

Printing colors sometimes is manageable. Prints look really different in drafts. This sometimes happen due to the file format of saving or due to some changes. This usually occurs when pictures or images are enlarged for printing. Some spaces are not fully filled with colors. Sometimes, color inks dry out too bad making it appear dull.

There are different types of color application. The first is the RGB which is the Red, Green and Blue. Another is the most common and in demand which is the CMYK and last is the Pantone Matching System which is the next alternative to CMYK.

Commercial Digital Printing Company offers different types of color printing processes depending upon the design and the color limitations. If a print does not require the application of too much colors, the PMS or the RGB can be applied. But if more colors are encountered, CMYK is the best solution. Commercial Digital Prjnting Company is the answer to all your printing needs and frustrations.

Monday, July 11, 2005


The price matters

If you are in the business line or marketing company, of course the need for commercial printing is essential and cannot be escaped. Of course they should get their business advertisements done for public viewing so all their prints should look just nice with high quality because it matters.

In a starting business, the budget should be considered and decided upon because it can affect the budget allowed for the printing cost and wreck the whole breakdown. So in going full colored printing, it is to increase the cost a bit but can surely maintain the quality of the prints. That choice can be good if you choose a good printing company. Full color printing company
offers good printing services that are in demand and high quality.

In the business and marketing world it is indeed expected to have a competency among other companies. So every business stand aims to have their name on top of the list with a brand name. To achieve this you should invest in a company which goes for the quality and right price. Full color printing company will give you the kind of printing you need for your business. They offer complete services with low cost offerings for full colored prints.


What CMYK is all about

Say goodbye to the old method of printing. If before times we have been used to the dull colored prints, now we can appreciate what color printing is really meant for. Color printing is the newest trend in the line of printing. It is the CMYK printing, a four colored system and process of printing which uses the application of different outrageous colors.

Full color printing company uses the CMYK printing. They use the color process system because they are in for attractive colors and suited for advertising and commercial colors. CMYK although with the application may sound expensive but it calls for low cost especially for multiple printing but also for fewer pages.

The CMYK process uses the printing of images in four different colors which have also four respective colors such as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The color image is being separated and printed to make out original colors.

The CMYK process is accurate in bringing out the original colors of images when printed. To get quality full colored images, Full Color Printing Company is the printing solution for your needs. They have been continuously printing for the demands and needs of their customers.

Friday, July 01, 2005


The advantage of Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are widely known and used for almost all the printing works. Since inkjet printers are in demand, it is still enhanced. Inkjet prints images and text files evenly by spreading inks into the tiniest droplets to produce well-defined colors. They produce realistic color images when printed onto paper.

In order to achieve quality prints, you realty don’t need to spend for a high priced printer. You just need it to work and run properly. Paper quality is to be followed and given attention because no matter how you think the images to be printed are very bright and pleasing, still it won’t look that way if paper quality is poor.

Most printing companies use the inkjet printers for their productio. Full Color Printing Company uses the newest trend. They have moved to a higher quality of printing which satisfies the need of any printing material. They have involved with digital printing since it cuts off the time and allows them to produce multiple printing tasks.

Now there are two inkjet technologies for inkjet. One is the bubble jet which is also very common and widely known and recommended for printing and the other one is the piezoelectric. You can ask from the Full Color Printing Company about your printing works.